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Φούντος Αλέξανδρος | Ευρωκλινική Αθηνών

Fountos Alexandros

Nuclear Medicine Specialist

+30 210 6416753

+30 210 6416326/327

+30 210 6416564


Director, Nuclear Medicine Department
Master of Science in NuclearMedicine, University of London
PhD, Medical School, University of Crete

Specialty Area & Research Interest

Specialty Areas

  • Nuclear Medicine
  • In Nephro-urology
  • In Nuclear-Cardiology
  • In Kinetic disturbances of the gastroenterologic system

Research Interest

  • Studies in coronary Artery Disease
  • Studies in Nephrolithiasis
  • Studies in Kinetic disturbances of the gastroenterologic system

Professional Experience

  • Medical Service in the Hellenic Navy Feet (1973-1975)
  • Nuclear Medicine Specialty in the Naval Hospital of Athens (NNA), 401 General Military Hospital (401 ΓΣΝΑ), Alexandra Hospital (1976-1980)
  • Bartholomew’s Hospital, Nuclear Medicine Dept. Master of Science in Nuclear Medicine, University of London (1978-1979)
  • Medical Service in the Recruitment Center of the Hellenic Navy (1980-1981)
  • Chief of Nuclear Medicine Dept. of Athens Naval Hospital (1981-1985)
  • Postgraduate studies in Nuclear Cardiology, Washington University Medical Center, St. Louis, Mo. (1985-1986)
  • Director, Nuclear Medicine Dept, NNA (1986-1988)
  • Executive Officer of the Department of Medical personnel of the Hellenic Navy General Staff (1988-1989)
  • Member of Examiners Committee of Nuclear Medicine Specialty, Patras University (1988-1999)
  • Director, Nuclear Medicine Dept. NNA (1989-1991)
  • Director of Naval Hospital of Salamis (19991-1992)
  • Director, Nuclear medicine Dept, NNA (1991-1995)
  • Director, Naval Hospital of Crete (1995-1996)
  • Director, Nuclear Medicine Dept, NNA (1997-1998)
  • Member of the Supreme Naval Medical Committee (1998-1999)
  • Retirement in the rank of Commodore HN (5/1999)
  • Director, Nuclear Medicine dept, EUROCLINIC of Athens (1999-today)

Medical Degree
Medical School, Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki (1972)
Military Medical Academy, Thessaloniki

Nuclear Medicine, Athens (1980)

  • Scholarship, State Scholarship Foundation, for MSc in Nuclear Medicine, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, University of London (1978)
  • Scholarship, Hellenic Navy General Staff, Fellowship in Nuclear Cardiology, Washington University Medical Center, St. Louis, Mo. USA (1985)


  • MSc in Nuclear Medicine, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital University of London (1978-1979)
  • PhD in Nuclear medicine, University of Crete (2004)

Member of Scientific Societies

  • Member of the Hellenic Nuclear Medicine Society
  • Member of the European Nuclear Medicine Society
  • 2nd award of the Medical Society of Athens for the research study “Quantitative estimate of duodeno-gastric reflux before and after cholecystectomy„ 16th Panhellenic Medical Congress Athens May 1990.
  • 1st award for the research study “Is mental stress provocative cause of ischemia? Study of continuous observation of the left ventricular function by Nuclear Vest„ 14th Military Medical Conference, Thessaloniki, 1992.
  • 1st award for the research study “The effect of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on left ventricular function in patients with coronary artery disease„ 2nd International Conference of Nuclear Cardiology, France, 1995.
  • 1st award for the research study “Observations of hemodynamic changes in hyperbaric conditions in the safety of the dive and clinical applications of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy„ 17th Military Medical Conference, Thessaloniki 1998.
  • 1st award for the research study “Gated SPECT of Myocardium in stress and rest to diagnose prolonged hibernating myocardium, Naval Hospital of Athens Symposium, 1999.
  • 1st award for the research study “Scintigraphic findings in patients with microsickle-cell anemia. Study with 99mTc-Tetrofosmin Gated SPECT, 28th Panhellenic Congress of the Hellenic Cardiological Society, 2000.


  • Publications in Peer Review Foreign Medical Journals: 21
  • Publications in Greek medical Journals: 18
  • Presentations in International Congresses: 24
  • Lectures and Round Table Discussions: 42

Writing Chapter in the medical Book Pediatric Urology by Ph. A. Androulakakis, Publishing Company BHTA, Athens 1993. “Investigation of the Urinary System with radioisotopic studies