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Cookies Policy


  1. What are the cookies.

The cookies are small text files that are stored from the website’s host server to the local disk of the computer or other electronic device via which you visit the website euroclinic.gr.

The cookies are unique for each web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) and contain anonymous information related to the webpages you visit and the devices you use.

In no case do cookies contain personal or other information that will allow anyone to contact the visitor of the website, via telephone, e-mail etc. Moreover, there is no access to documents or files of your computer by using cookies.

  1. What types of cookies do we use in our Website.

We use cookies, either ours (first party) either others’ (third party) in order to enable and improve your access and browsing on the website euroclinic.gr., to manage the connection periods (e.g. to understand whether you have already accessed a webpage in our website in the past or whether you are a new visitor), to provide personalized webpages and to adapt advertising and other content to reflect your particular needs and interests. Moreover, through cookies anonymous statistics can be collected that provide us with information about how and when you visited this webpage (e.g. the webpage from which you may have linked to this webpage, the date of your visit etc.) in order to improve the quality and content of this website.

You can adjust the settings of the web browser in order to reject some or all cookies, except for the strictly necessary. The user should be aware that some features of the website are only available through the use of cin cookies and if he/she chooses not to enable or disable these cookies, (non-strictly necessary cookies) these features may not be available.

The website euroclinic.gr. uses the following cookies:

  1. Strictly necessary cookies.

The role of these cookies is to store information or acquire access to information already stored on your device, with the exclusive purpose of forwarding a communication through an electronic communications network or to the extent strictly necessary to enable the information society service, which the user or subscriber has explicitly requested.

According to the relevant laws, you do not have the option of choosing whether to reject installation of these cookies, since without them the provisions of services by euroclinic.gr would not be technically possible.

The necessary cookies help to make a webpage useful, allowing basic functions such as browsing and access to safe areas of the webpage, antispam protection. The webpage cannot function properly without these cookies.

  1. This website uses the following non-necessary cookies:

Preferences Cookies

These cookies allow our website to remember the user’s choices such as language or region, in order to provide improved and personalized functions. They can also be used to provide user-requested services, such as video viewing or social media use.

Statistics/analytics cookies

These cookies collect information about how visitors use the Websites, for example, which pages they visit most often and whether they receive error messages from webpages. These cookies collect aggregate, anonymous information that do not identify a visitor. They are used exclusively to improve the performance of a webpage.

Marketing cookies

These cookies are used to provide content that best suits you and your interests. They can be used to send targeted advertising/offers, limit ad views, or measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. These cookies can be used to remember the websites you have visited in order to determine which online marketing channels are most effective.

Unclassified cookies

The unclassified cookies are cookies that are in the process of being classified, together with the providers of individual cookies.

  1. Management of non-strictly necessary cookies.

We have set the cookies so that by default only the ones strictly necessary for the operation of the webpage are installed. Non-strictly necessary cookies are by default unselected.

These cookies are activated only if you select them with your own positive action (consent) by clicking in the relevant pop-up window, by choosing either “Accept all”, or “Reject All”, or “Accept Options”, while you have the right respectively to revoke or modify your consent, with a relevant “click” in the above pop-up window. This revocation will not have retroactive effect on the processing that has been done so far.

If you do not wish to activate the non-strictly necessary cookies, please do not select their installation in the relevant window or if you have already selected them, set the internet browser to delete them yourself.

If you have given your consent to the installation of non-strictly necessary cookies, they will remain stored on your computer or your mobile device until you delete them or their lifespan expires, as this is detailed by type in the table above.

  1. Manage cookies through the browser.

In case you wish to enable or disable the use of cookies from the browser settings, you can visit the following webpages and be informed about the necessary actions you need to take.

  1. General Information.

More information on the general use of cookies, as well as the methods of blocking or restricting them, can be found at //cookiepedia.co.uk/all-about-cookies and //www.allaboutcookies.org/.

  1. Changes in Cookies Policy.

Euroclinic may revise or modify this Policy which, revised, will always be available on its website in the Cookies Policy section.