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General Information

A model Medical Oncology Unit operates within the Athens Euroclinic, staffed by specialists with long experience and significant scientific body of work in Greece and abroad. Focusing on patients and aiming at individualized approach for each case, the Medical Oncology Unit meets all patient needs, spanning from diagnosis to treatment and post-treatment care.

The Unit physicians have broad experience on malignant tumors and participate in national and international committees that set relevant treatment guidelines. The top scientific level of the medical staff, coupled with their systematic postgraduate training on the latest medical techniques, ensure the strong competitive edge of the Athens Euroclinic Medical Oncology Unit. The multidisciplinary medical team constitutes the core of the Unit. It is formed by the attending oncologist and depending on the individual needs of each patient, it is made up of specialists such as a surgeon, an anatomic pathologist, a radiologist and a radiotherapist, all of whom work together to offer suitable, customized and fast assessment and treatment to oncologic patients.

The Medical Oncology nursing staff stand by patients and their families, ensuring professional, top-level hospitalization services, combined with a deep sense of compassion and understanding for their suffering.


The Medical Oncology Unit covers the entire range of oncologic services, spanning from diagnosis to treatment and post-treatment care. Diagnosis for neoplasms is either performed through biopsy or through surgical excision, using the most advanced equipment, which ensure speedy processes and diagnostic accuracy, in line with the strictest international medical protocols. The treatment plan is formulated based on individualized treatment for each patient, in accordance with the latest developments in molecular biology and genetics.

An Oncology Council convenes at the Athens Euroclinic weekly, for optimal and comprehensive formulation of treatment plans for oncologic patients. The scientists participating in the Council include the directors of the oncology and hematology departments, as well as surgeons, radiologists, clinical pathologists and radiotherapists, in association with dedicated radiotherapy centers.

The Unit also offers post-treatment medical services, including regular follow-ups to prevent new oncologic problems in patients and their immediate family, as is often the case with familial or hereditary cancer.

A Breast Center also operates within the Athens Euroclinic, offering screening, diagnosis and treatment to patients with breast cancer.

Medical Infrastructure & Technology

The Medical Oncology Unit has focused on incorporating all the medical standards in its facilities and adopting cutting-edge technology, since it has recognized that these play a vital role when offering healthcare services to oncologic patients. Specifically, the Unit has a hospitalization ward exclusively for oncologic patients, ensuring top medical services and nursing care. The One-Day Clinic (ODC) meets the needs of oncologic patients who require administration of long treatment plans within the comfort of modern and friendly surroundings.

The Athens Euroclinic is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment devices that ensure fast, safe and reliable diagnostic tests, monitoring of neoplasms, and effective treatment using the latest methods. The Hospital is equipped with a digital MRI scanner and a latest technology CT scanner, which ensure optimal imaging results. The digital mammography system and breast MRI used by the Breast Center contribute to the early and proper diagnosis and treatment of malignant and benign breast tumors. State-of-the-art endoscopic equipment – such as latest generation endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) and towers – are used for diagnosis and treatment of certain tumors. The da Vinci system for robotic surgery – which minimizes complications, postoperative pain and blood loss – is also used for certain types of lesions.

Palliative Care Department

Everyday life is a struggle for oncologic patients and their immediate family. The dedicated Palliative Care team consists of physicians, nurses, dietitians, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers, who offer valuable support mainly to oncologic patients, so that they may handle many of the symptoms associated with the disease, such as pain, breathing difficulty, nausea, fatigue, weight loss, depression and anxiety. The main mission of the Medical Oncology Palliative Care Department is to offer psychological support and advice to patients and their families throughout the course of the treatment.

A Pain Diagnosis and Interventional Treatment Clinic also operates as part of the Palliative Care Department. The aim of the Clinic is to control pain and other symptoms, intervene in painful areas and neutralize the pain, as well as offer hospitalization during the terminal stages.

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