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Quality System – Credentials

Quality, Safety, Health & Environmental Policy
Our VISION is to become a point of reference for high quality healthcare services in Greece and one of the best hospitals in Europe. The Euroclinic Group has an international reputation for offering a premium service in key areas of healthcare, including indicatively: general surgery, cardiac care, orthopedics, urology, gynecology, oncology and pediatrics. Both Athens Euroclinic and Euroclinic Children’s Hospital are state-of-the-art Diagnostic, Surgical and Therapeutic Centers, operating independently and cooperatively.

Our MISSION is to consistently make every effort to achieve our vision by:

  • Offering high quality services, based on international standards
  • Providing continuous education and training to our scientific staff, our healthcare professionals and our key associates
  • Disseminating our best practices whenever and wherever deemed necessary or useful

Our VALUES, which rule all our operations, involve:

  • Safeguarding patient safety
  • Respecting and responding to patient care needs, aiming at improving the satisfaction rate of our patients and their families
  • Ensuring a safe work environment for our staff, associates and subcontractors
  • Making efficient use of resources and developing effective procedures
  • Offering continuous education, training and information

Our COMMITMENT to providing high-quality services covers both our operations and the entire range of the services we offer:

  • We focus on our patients and their families, by responding to their needs, desires and expectations, offering high quality healthcare services and ensuring the necessary resources, including fully trained personnel and cutting-edge technology.
  • We minimize any deviations from our operational standards and best international practices through suitable quality improvement initiatives, while we monitor their effectiveness using measures and indicators.
  • We do our utmost for continuous improvement of all our services and operations, through goal setting, suitable supervision mechanisms for programs and processes, and collective effort, aiming at achieving our strategic priorities relating to corporate excellence and business development.
  • We promote our Policy to patients and their families, our employees, our associates, our suppliers and all other social partners and we encourage them to support it

Quality Control
The Athens Euroclinic and the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital have both been certified with the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 for their excellent quality of services.

Highly qualified Medical staff
The Athens Euroclinic & the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital are staffed by highly qualified, specialized and experienced doctors as well as with top academic professors of all specialties. Our dedication to bring you the best in healthcare means we attract many of the country’s most distinguished consultants and recruit expertly skilled medical staff.

Specialized Nursing Services
The Nursing Department has been organized according to international standards. The quality in procedures is assured by following well-established protocols and guidelines and most importantly with continuous vocational training of the nursing personnel in order to maintain the high quality of the provided services as well as an up to date educational level. The Euroclinic Children’s Hospital’s nursing staff is especially trained for providing care to children. The main objective of the Nursing Department is to provide top quality nursing care to every single young patient.

Our senior nurses in both hospitals regularly review our facilities in order to maintain the superior levels of service and resolve any issues or concerns. They are always on hand, should you have any requests or want to feedback on your experience.