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Patient Rights

Patient rights (in accordance with Article 47 of Law 2071/1992):

  1. Patients have the right of access to hospital services most suited to the nature of their illness.
  2. Patients have the right to receive care with proper due respect for their human dignity. This care includes not only the general practice of medicine and nursing, but also paramedical services, suitable accommodation, adequate treatment, and efficient administrative and technical support.
  3. Patients have the right to consent to or refuse any diagnostic or therapeutic procedure proposed to them. In the case of a patient with reduced or total mental incapacity, this right may be exercised by an individual legally entitled to act on their behalf.
  4. Patients have the right to request information on their state of health. The patients’ interests are crucial and depend on the full disclosure and accuracy of the information provided. Patients should be informed in a manner that allows them to form a complete overview of the medical, social and financial aspects of their state of health, and make decisions themselves or participate in the decision-making process that may affect their life in the future.
  5. In the event that paragraph 3 takes effect, patients or their representatives have the right to be fully informed in advance of the risks that may arise or occur due to them undergoing unusual or experimental diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. Such procedures may be performed only if patients have given their explicit consent. Patients may withdraw their consent at any time. Patients must feel completely free when making a decision to accept or reject cooperating for the purpose of research or training. Consent to participation is their right and may be withdrawn at any time.
  6. Patients have the right, within limits and under realistic conditions whenever this is possible, to safeguard their private life. The confidential nature of the information and content of the documents that concern them, as well their medical record and findings must be guaranteed.
  7. Patients have the right to be treated with respect when it comes to their religious or ideological beliefs.
  8. Patients have the right to present and file complaints and objections and be fully informed on the actions and consequences thereof.

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Patient Rights