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Scheduled Admission

Please proceed to the Patient Admissions, located on the ground level of the Hospital (bring with you all the necessary documents listed in the Before Admission section). Give your personal details, the room type that you wish and all your relevant insurance coverage information. The Patient Admissions staff will arrange your child’s admission depending on availability.

A member of the nursing staff will arrange for the safe transfer of your child to the hospital room. The ward supervisor or the head nurse will inform you of the main hospitalization rules and will help you settle in.

If your child has private health insurance, once the Patient Admissions concludes the admission process, you must contact the insurance company to find out details about the approval process for your insurance.

Before admission, it is important that you check your current insurance policy to confirm:

  • The insurance coverage amount
  • The room type you are entitled to

For any further clarifications, please contact your insurance company, as they are the only ones who can advise you on anything relating to your insurance coverage.

A MEDNET insurance office operates on the ground level of the Hospital.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 07:00-16:30, Saturday 08.00-12.00 / T: +30 210 6416353

A MEDNET insurance office operates on the ground level of the Hospital.

Opening hours:Monday to Friday: 07:00-20:00, Saturday 08.00-14.00 / T: +30 210 6416063

Emergency Admission

In the event of an emergency admission, please proceed to the Emergency Medicine Department. It is located on the ground level of the Hospital and it is open 24/7. Once all the necessary medical tests have been preformed, the medical and nursing staff will explain the admission process.

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