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General Information

The Athens Euroclinic Urology Unit is staffed by distinguished and experienced urology surgeons, who use modern technology to their advantage, so as to offer fast and proper diagnosis and treatment for the entire range of genitourinary conditions.


The Unit aims to offer comprehensive exploration, diagnosis and treatment of urologic conditions, assisted by the Hospital’s other medical specialties and labs.

The fully-equipped and organized operating theater ensures that the medical staff will perform extremely efficient and safe urologic surgery procedures.

  • Conventional open urologic surgery (kidney, urinary bladder and prostate conditions)
  • Transurethral procedures using the latest techniques (e.g. laser, TURis)

Cutting-edge technology for the surgical treatment of prostate cancer, as well as other urologic malignancies (urinary bladder, kidney) and benign conditions (e.g. ureteropelvic junction obstruction).

Endoscopic extraction or fragmentation of stones (transurethral or percutaneous lithotripsy) using latest generation laser and flexible endoscopes.

Urodynamic testing and special procedures for incontinence, such as application of Botox, placement of vaginal tape or mesh, and placement of artificial sphincter.

Male-specific surgical procedures, such as penile endoprosthesis, phalloplasty for penis curvature correction, genital cosmetic surgery (e.g. circumcision, penile enlargement surgery), varicocele repair, testicular biopsy and sperm sample collection.

Medical Infrastructure & Technology

The Athens Euroclinic has a fully equipped operating theater for robotic surgery. The medical equipment includes the advanced da Vinci S Surgical System for very accurate, stable and precise movements, allowing surgeons to perform minimally invasive techniques even for the most complex urologic procedures.

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