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Infections are the most frequent health problem that brings young patients to the outpatient clinic of our hospital. They are also the most frequent hospitalization causes among children of all ages. Despite the leaps and bounds in Medicine, the application of new diagnostic methods, and the use of antibiotics and vaccines, on many occasions, infections seem to trouble the international medical community.


Early etiological diagnosis and proper therapeutic approach contribute towards the fast and complication-free recovery of young patients.

The Euroclinic Children’s Hospital staff includes a Pediatrician/Infectious Diseases Consultant, who works closely with the pediatricians and other specialists to treat cases of infections in children and adolescents. They provide expert advice for hospitalized children and patients visiting the outpatient clinic on evaluating and treating any suspected or proven infection.

The Infectious Diseases Consultant aims at early diagnosis and effective treatment of children presenting with community-acquired, complex hospital-acquired or postoperative infections.

They also contribute towards limiting the spread of transmittable diseases within the hospital by using specific prevention measures, depending on the case. Furthermore, they contribute towards limiting the development of antimicrobial resistance and resistant bacterial strains through proper use of antibiotics.

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