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General Information

The Athens Euroclinic Emergency Medicine Department is open 24/7 all year round.  Physicians with long experience in medical emergencies (internal medicine specialists, cardiologists, surgeons, orthopedic specialists, etc) and qualified nursing staff are always on alert to manage any emergency or acute health problem.

The convenient location of the Athens Euroclinic in the centre of the Greek capital ensures easy access to its fully organized Emergency Medicine Department, which is entrusted by thousands of patients annually. The Department physicians can offer immediate diagnosis and treatment to any emergency, without any hassles or delays. Patients may also be transferred by ambulance.

Medical Infrastructure & Technology

The Department boasts modern facilities and advanced medical devices, ensuring proper and fast diagnosis. It is also supported by the rest of the hospital departments 24/7 for blood, biochemical or imaging tests (ultrasound, CT and MRI).

Emergency Hotline: 1011

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