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General Information

The Euroclinic Children’s Hospital Ophthalmology Department has been operating since the establishment of the Hospital, in 2002. It is staffed by a team of specialists with top scientific training and experience on pediatric ophthalmology. It treats the entire range of ophthalmologic conditions in neonates, infants and children. Pediatric eye conditions differ greatly from those encountered in adults in terms of type, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

The Department’s medical team works closely with the experienced Euroclinic Children’s Hospital nursing staff, who have been specifically trained in pediatric eye testing and treatment, offering top professional healthcare services, and showing compassion and understanding for the special needs of their young patients and their families.


The Ophthalmology Department offers the entire range of ophthalmologic services:

  • Comprehensive eye check-up for all ages, starting from birth
  • Refractive exam and eyeglass prescription
  • Diagnosis of vision impairments (e.g. conversion disorders, focusing problems, phorias, etc), which may lead to learning disabilities
  • Treatment of low vision problems
  • Diagnosis and treatment of strabismus/amblyopia
  • Diagnosis and treatment of eye inflammation (e.g. uveitis, etc)
  • Conservative or surgical treatment of eyelid, orbital or corneal conditions
  • Surgical treatment of nasolacrimal conditions
  • Treatment and monitoring of pediatric and congenital cataract, pediatric glaucoma and trauma
  • Treatment of retinal conditions (in neonates & children)

Along with conventional pediatric eye surgery, other contemporary and innovative techniques are also performed successfully, including:

  • Correction of strabismus using adjustable sutures in cooperative children and adolescents.
  • Placement of silicone tendon expander in the superior oblique muscle in children with Brown syndrome strabismus.
  • Removal of extensive orbital dermolipomas with conjunctival autotransplantation in children with Goldenhar syndrome. This technique has ranked the Department among the top centers implementing surgical innovations in line with international standards.

The Ophthalmology Department offers 24-hour support to the Children’s Hospital, contributing decisively to the differential diagnosis and treatment of severe systemic pediatric conditions.

Medical Infrastructure & Technology

The Ophthalmology Department is equipped with the latest technology (slit lamp, refractometer, aerotonometer, electronic microscope, etc) for diagnosing and offering conservative or surgical treatment for eye conditions in neonates, infants and children.

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