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General Information

Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics is a pediatric specialty that focuses on monitoring the psychokinetic development and learning abilities of children, as well as diagnosing and monitoring behavioral problems.

While developmental monitoring forms an integral part of pediatric care, in some cases, it requires specialized assessment at a dedicated Developmental Medicine Department if a problem has been detected by the family pediatricians, the parents or the teachers.

These cases include:

  • Delays in acquiring skills at various developmental stages
  • Behavioral and socialization problems
  • School readiness
  • Learning difficulties
  • Children with special skills

Apart from taking down a child’s medical history and performing a physical exam, a fundamental part of the developmental assessment is to communicate with and gather information from other professionals involved in the child’s care, such as teachers and physicians, after acquiring the parents’ consent.


The Euroclinic Children’s Hospital Developmental Medicine Department offers the following services:

  • Monitoring psychokinetic development in key ages
  • Performing full developmental assessment using special developmental tools
  • Monitoring premature neonates continuously, after referral by neonatologists
  • Assessing communication and socialization disorders Evaluating school readiness
  • Assessing learning disabilities
  • Evaluating behavioral disorders

The developmental assessment includes taking down the child’s medical history by asking the parents, performing a physical exam and assessing the child, either with the parents present or without them, depending on the child’s age. The session usually runs for 1-1.5 hours.

An intervention and monitoring plan is then formulated, provided it is necessary.

Structured tools are used for the developmental assessment, such as: Griffiths MDS-ER, ADOS, Athina Test, Metafon.

Medical Infrastructure & Technology

The Department is fully equipped with the latest technology.

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