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General Information

A modern Dermatology Department operates within the Athens Euroclinic, offering diagnosis and treatment for all skin conditions. The Department is staffed by physicians with long experience and significant scientific body of work in Greece and abroad. The top scientific level of the medical staff, coupled with their systematic postgraduate training on the latest medical techniques, ensure the strong competitive edge of the Athens Euroclinic Dermatology Department.

Focusing on patients and aiming at individualized approach for each case, the Dermatology Department meets all patient needs, spanning from diagnosis to treatment of skin conditions and sexually transmitted diseases.


The Department offers top healthcare services for the early and proper diagnosis of dysplastic nevi and suspect precancerous lesions. The physicians perform multiple minor procedures using diathermocoagulation or cryosurgery for the treatment of skin conditions, such as warts, papillomas, condylomas, hyperkeratosis and other lesions.

They also perform diagnostic biopsies if initial diagnosis is not possible based on just a physical exam.

Finally, cases that require surgical removal of moles or other skin lesions (cysts, lipomas, fibromas, etc) are treated at the Outpatient Clinic or the One-Day Clinic.

Melanoma Prevention & Treatment Center

Melanoma is the most malignant form of skin or mucosal cancer. Nowadays it is relatively very common and is encountered in all age groups. Prevalence has improved, though, due to early diagnosis and extensive research on its behavior and treatment.

The Athens Euroclinic Melanoma Prevention & Treatment Center offers quality healthcare services for the prevention, early diagnosis and early surgical treatment of melanoma.

Patients may visit the Melanoma Prevention & Treatment Center:

  • For clinical, and dermatoscopic if necessary, check-up of moles. Suspect moles are surgically removed and sent for biopsy.
  • Following a referral from a dermatologist for surgical removal of a suspect mole.
  • For complementary melanoma management and treatment after having been diagnosed with melanoma and the mole has already been excised by other specialists.
  • For clinical lab monitoring following melanoma excision, based on international protocols.

Medical Infrastructure & Technology

The state-of-the art equipment includes a digital dermatoscope and a mole mapping system, which greatly contribute to the diagnosis of moles and prevent unnecessary surgical excisions. They also assist in monitoring patients with multiple moles or with moles in regions that cannot be easily observed. Dermatoscopy is a useful and necessary tool during skin exams, since the storing of clinical and dermatoscopic images permits objective and reliable monitoring of the clinical course of any skin condition. Patients may also receive a copy of the images in their file if they wish so.

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