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General Information

The Euroclinic Children’s Hospital Anesthesiology Department performs a large number of medical procedures daily, both within and outside the operating theaters (e.g. administration of anesthesia at the Radiology Department, emergency medical intervention at the Emergency Medicine Department).

A team of experienced and specially trained anesthesiologists provides support 24/7 to the numerous surgical procedures performed daily at the Hospital. Due to the excellent working relationship with physicians of other specialties, quality and comprehensive healthcare services are offered both on a regular basis and in the case of emergencies.


Anesthesia may be administered in the following cases:

  • Painful medical procedures
  • Therapeutic procedures (e.g. reduction of bowel loop intussusception at the Radiology Department)
  • Diagnostic procedures (e.g. radiology-guided paracentesis/tissue biopsy)
  • Diagnostic imaging scans (e.g. CT or MRI)

Medical Infrastructure & Technology

The Department is fully equipped with the latest technology.

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