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General Information

The Euroclinic Children’s Hospital Surgery Department has been operating since the establishment of the Hospital, in 2002. The Department is staffed by vastly experienced physicians of all levels and is equipped by the latest technology, so as to respond to all the challenges faced by modern medical practice. Nearly all pediatric surgery cases that required hospitalization were treated successfully, making the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital a point of reference in the field of pediatric surgery.


The Surgery Department works closely with the rest of the Hospital departments and subspecialties, ensuring the best possible diagnostic and therapeutic results for young patients.

The Surgery Department includes the following department:

This is where all patients are received. The Euroclinic Children’s Hospital pediatric surgery reception is open 24/7. The Clinic staff deal with both emergencies and scheduled appointments.
A Pediatric Surgery Registrar is always on call at the Clinic, who is responsible for possible admissions and the general treatment of each case.

It accommodates all cases that require hospitalization. This includes children admitted through the Outpatient Clinic, as well as children admitted through scheduled admissions, provided they have been examined by pediatric surgeons who are directors, registrars or associates of the Hospital.

Each child has their own attending physician, while the entire pediatric surgery team cooperates to achieve the best possible result for the young patient. In addition, the cooperation and assistance of other specialties is sought if the need arises, so that the diagnostic approach is in line with the latest practices of the international medical community.

This is where all the surgical procedures are performed; both scheduled and emergency. This means that the Surgery Department operates daily 24/7 so as to handle and treat the entire range of surgical cases, provided the need arises.

These days, on an international level, many cases that had to be hospitalized for 2-3 days are now treated in one day (One-Day Clinic). A large number of cases treated at our Clinic are mild, aseptic surgical cases (e.g. cryptorchidism, inguinal hernia, phimosis, etc) and the children are admitted to the One-Day Clinic.

Minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopic techniques) is also performed at the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital.

Laparoscopic surgery not only expedites the effective treatment of a child’s condition, but also permits faster return to normal activities and ensures a better aesthetic result. Most of the commonest pediatric surgical procedures may also be performed laparoscopically at the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital. These include appendectomy, inguinal hernia repair, ovarian cystectomy, varicocele repair and colectomy. Rarer conditions can also be treated laparoscopically, such as rectal atresia, congenital megacolon, Nissen fundoplication and pyeloplasty.

Medical Infrastructure & Technology

The Euroclinic Children’s Hospital has three fully equipped operating theaters. The modern facilities of the Hospital ensure that all surgical procedures are performed in line with the highest quality and safety standards. The operating theaters are also equipped with state-of-the-art laparoscopy towers, which assist in performing minimally invasive surgery if deemed necessary.

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