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How it Works

Our International Patient Services (IPS) department is committed to delivering the best medical experience while keeping things simple when dealing with the needs of international patients and their families. It’s useful to see how things work in the IPS Department:

If you are interested in visiting any of the Euroclinic’s Group of Hospitals, you could send an email to the IPS team (ips@euroclinic.gr) regarding your medical case and provide our staff with as much information about you current medical condition as possible. An IPS coordinator will ask you to send your latest medical reports and examinations, in order for our doctors to better evaluate your case and to provide you with the best possible assessment, based on your medical condition.

We will communicate your medical request to our physicians who will carefully review it and evaluate your medical needs in order to provide you with a customized treatment plan. During this procedure, further information and detailed answers related to your treatment plan will be provided. Please feel free to ask anything that concerns you. Our doctors speak fluent English and they are always willing to provide you with further details.

After having available an appropriate treatment plan from our Specialists, you will be given a complete offer for your treatment plan by our IPS department. An IPS coordinator will provide you with further details on how to proceed regarding a reservation.

The IPS team will finalize all arrangements of the patient’s visit to the hospital along with a financial plan, in compliance with the patient’s preferred method of payment or insurance plan. Accommodation and travel arrangements for the patient and the accompanying family can also be arranged by the IPS team, if requested.

Upon arrival to Greece, we will arrange to pick you up from the airport and safely transfer you to the hotel or hospital. The IPS team will coordinate your admission. During your hospitalization, the IPS coordinator will be daily updated on your progress and on the provided quality of services.

When the treatment is completed, we will arrange to provide you with the fit-to-fly form and you will be given further instructions as well as medical reports from your treating Doctor in English. Before your return back home and after your discharge, you will make any required follow-up visits and receive a complete medical record. Your doctor and your IPS coordinator will be available after your arrival home for any further assistance or information you might need.
At any point during this process, our IPS team is here to assist in any matter that may occur.

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