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General Information

The Athens Euroclinic Allergy Department is staffed by allergy specialists with top scientific training and long experience, who stand out for their professional diligence and the customized care they offer to each patient.

Providing proper treatment to patients suffering from allergies at the Outpatient Clinic and implementing prevention measures on time significantly reduces the need for hospitalization, and limits the social and financial impact of allergies on sufferers and their families. The physicians operate as a team and jointly participate in the diagnosis and treatment of all patients, which leads to comprehensive and continuous patient monitoring and follow-up. This continuous follow-up does not stop even if a physician is off or on vacation.


Outpatient Clinic

Apart from the regular clinic, which receives first-time patients by appointment, there are also dedicated clinics for patients diagnosed with special conditions who require long-term observation and individualized care.

The dedicated clinics include:

  • Special Clinic for Allergy to Hymenoptera Venom and Medications (with or without underlying mastocytosis)
  • Asthma Clinic (with or without sinusitis and aspirin sensitivity)
  • Clinic for Itching and Hereditary Angioedema

Skin Prick Tests ± Intradermal Testing

  • To identify the allergen responsible in cases of respiratory allergy (allergic asthma, rhinitis with or without conjunctivitis, etc). Patients are tested against the most commonly inhaled allergens in Greece (domestic and atmospheric).
  • To determine food allergy. The number of allergens tested depends on the patient’s medical history and usually involves a relatively small number of foods.
  • To identify the insect responsible in cases of anaphylaxis caused by insect (bees and wasps) bites.
  • To identify specific groups of medications or other substances that have caused an allergic reaction.
  • To identify substances responsible for allergic reactions after coming into contact with the skin and/or mucus membranes.
  • To investigate special types of food allergies. Special tests are used in this case (Atopy Patch Test).

Special immunotherapy may be performed at the Outpatient Clinic for patients with respiratory allergy or anaphylaxis from bee and wasp bites, with the exception of certain cases.

It is performed:

  • To confirm or rule out anaphylaxis from specific foods, medications, other allergens (e.g. bees, wasps), or natural causes through challenge tests.
  • To carry out rapid desensitization to hymenoptera (bees, wasps) or medications.
  • To administer special pharmaceuticals.

The Allergy Department physicians are also on alert to evaluate allergy-related problems in hospitalized patients of other specialties, acting as consultants after being called in by the attending physicians.

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