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General Information

Welcome to the Athens Euroclinic Internal Medicine Department. This was one of the first and largest departments to operate within the Athens Euroclinic and is staffed by distinguished professionals. A total of six scientific teams of internal medicine specialists cooperate smoothly within the Department.

The Athens Euroclinic Internal Medicine Department covers the entire range of internal medicine conditions, from diagnosis to treatment. It offers top-level medical services, providing solutions and adopting a strict people-centered approach. Patients receive excellent healthcare services throughout their hospitalization, whether it involves common everyday ailments or more complex medical conditions. This is achieved through the individualized care offered to patients and the top-level training of the medical staff.

The Department physicians are all internal medicine specialists who have received special training on the prevention and treatment of adult diseases. They have at least 3 years undergraduate training and 5 years postgraduate training in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the adult population. Internal medicine specialists are often referred to as the “physicians to the physicians”, as they are frequently called upon to act as consultants to other doctors and assist in resolving tough diagnostic problems.

The Athens Euroclinic internal medicine specialists have all the necessary knowledge and tools to handle any medical problem – be it common or rare, simple or complex. They have been trained to offer solutions to difficult and puzzling diagnostic problems and can handle chronic conditions, as well as situations whereby multiple diseases may develop simultaneously in a single patient.

Many of these physicians also specialize in other internal medicine fields, such as autoimmune diseases, rheumatology, infections, etc.


The Internal Medicine Department offers medical services for all levels.

Primary Healthcare

Through a fully organized system of regular outpatient clinics, patients are able to visit an internal medicine specialist and receive advice on the treatment of common everyday diseases, as well as on the prevention and treatment of chronic conditions.


Emergency Medicine

The Athens Euroclinic has a fully equipped Emergency Medicine Department that is open 24/7. It is staffed by trained nurses and internal medicine specialists who treat patients with acute problems or handle medical emergencies.

Patient Hospitalization

At the Athens Euroclinic, hospitalized patients are monitored by internal medicine specialists for any pathological condition, working closely with physicians of other specialties. The Athens Euroclinic is a tertiary care center, offering medical services by fully qualified medical professionals who monitor patients from diagnosis to treatment, assisted by modern and continuously upgraded infrastructure and technology.

Travel Medicine

We live in the era of globalization. The number of people who travel for work or recreation has increased exponentially. Developing countries are one of the main destinations.

In Athens Euroclinic Physicians with special interest in Travel Medicine can provide advice on vaccines and malaria prophylaxis, depending on the destination and the scheduled activity.

In addition we provide Hospital services of secondary and tertiary character regarding acute and chronic complaints of the returning traveler like fever, dyspnea or diarrhea, having access to international maps of epidemiological surveillance


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