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General Information

A model medical center operates within the Athens Euroclinic, staffed with specialists with long experience and significant scientific body of work in the area of obesity in Greece and abroad. Focusing on patients and aiming at an individualized approach for each case, the Weight Loss and Invasive Obesity Surgery Center offers the entire range of internationally recognized and innovative weight-loss methods, such as the Elipse gastric balloon capsule and bariatric surgery, coupled with suitable and individualized nutritional and psychological support and exercise.

Headed by Professor Ioannis Raftopoulos, the Weight Loss and Invasive Obesity Surgery Center offers results similar to and even better than any other centers in Europe and the USA. The Center owes its success to the unparalleled, in terms of Greek and international standards, surgical experience and technique of Mr. Raftopoulos, as well as the unique, internationally published nutritional protocols he uses.

The philosophy of the Weight Loss and Invasive Obesity Surgery Center is to always stand by patients and their families, offering both the highest medical standards of care possible – with professional diligence, compassion and understanding of their increased needs during hospitalization – and continuous and essential postoperative follow-up after discharge.


The Weight Loss and Invasive Obesity Surgery Center offers comprehensive services, meeting all the needs of obese patients, including:

  • Nutritional and psychological support and exercise. According to Mr. Raftopoulos, nutritional and psychological support and exercise form the foundation of any weight-loss method. Without it, no interventional method can provide successful long-term weight loss. Mr. Raftopoulos has developed unique and innovative protocols, which are based on a diet rich in proteins and low in calories, as well as guidance in terms of exercise (link σε δημοσίευση μου1). According to Mr. Raftopoulos’ results, 93% of patients who participate in the nutritional and psychological support and exercise program lose weight, while successful patients have lost up to 45 kilos.
  • Elipse Gastric Balloon Mr. Raftopoulos has been exclusively offering this innovative method in Greece since 2016. Mr. Raftopoulos was the first in the world to apply this method. Based on his research, this technique has received CE approval and is available in the European Union http://3. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28372952. A capsule is swallowed with some water, without anesthesia or a gastroscopy. It is inflated in the stomach with 550ml distilled water and stays in place for 16-20 weeks creating a feeling of fullness. It then deflates automatically and passes through the system naturally.

Weight loss with the Elipse gastric balloon: 49 placements from 11/2016 to 10/2018

Weeks after placement Average loss in kg Average % of initial weight loss Average % of additional weight loss
4 7.8 7.4%
8 11.3 10.9%
12 13 12.6% 46.7%
16 13.7 13.5% 56%
52 (1 year) 19.4 16.1% 51.4%


  • Bariatric procedures. Mr. Raftopoulos performs the two most effective procedures to treat morbid obesity: Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. Both procedures are performed laparoscopically, without a large incision. The laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is only performed by Mr. Raftopoulos in Greece. Mr. Raftopoulos employs a different technique for the laparoscopic gastric sleeve, using gastropexy, so as to avoid postoperative reflux, but also achieve uniform gastric sleeve dimensions.


Weight loss with bariatric procedures:

Months after placement Average loss in kg Average % of initial weight loss Average % of additional weight loss
3 months 27.2 23.5%
6 months 31.5 27.2%
12 months 40.6 34%


The Weight Loss and Invasive Obesity Surgery Center has especially focused on applying the enhanced postoperative recovery protocols developed by Mr. Raftopoulos http://2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27068846, aiming at one-day treatment following any obesity surgery. Mr. Raftopoulos offers one of the shortest hospitalizations worldwide, having applied this much earlier than other centers.

In addition, Mr. Raftopoulos’ techniques for laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and gastric sleeve are quite innovative, aiming at maximum weight loss, with minimum complications and side-effects.

The Athens Euroclinic is equipped with state-of-the-art operating rooms and laparoscopic devices, while also providing the option of simultaneous use of laparoscopy and intraoperative gastroscopy to allow the best possible control of anastomoses and postoperative anatomy before the patient is out of surgery. This is not available anywhere else in Greece.

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