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General Information

The Euroclinic Children’s Hospital Urology Department has been operating as an independent unit of the surgical sector since the Hospital’s establishment in 2002.


  • Outpatient Clinic
  • Pediatric Urology Clinic, which accommodates all cases that require hospitalization
  • Operating Theater, where all the surgical procedures are performed

The Department physicians examine children daily at the Outpatient Clinic, only by appointment. As for emergencies, the Pediatric Urology Department works closely with the Pediatric Surgery Department and the Pediatrics Clinic, ensuring the best possible diagnostic and therapeutic approach for patients with urological conditions.

Children admitted through scheduled admissions are hospitalized in the Pediatric Urology Clinic before undergoing surgery. They usually remain hospitalized for 1-2 days. Both scheduled and emergency surgical procedures are performed in the Operating Theater daily.

The entire range of urological procedures can be performed within the Department. Depending on the case, the procedures may be performed through open surgery or endoscopically.

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