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General Information

An Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic has been operating within the Athens Euroclinic for the last ten years, offering top-level medical services for conditions of the face, jaw and mouth.

The top scientific level and long experience of the physicians, coupled with the state-of-the-art equipment form the core of the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic.

The Clinic aims at offering multifaceted healthcare services to patients through contemporary treatment methods and individualized care.


The Athens Euroclinic Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic offers quality healthcare services for diagnosing and treating conditions of the facial skeleton, such as:

  • Face injuries
  • Oral and facial cancer
  • Skeletal facial deformities
  • Cleft lip, chin and palate
  • Facial cosmetic surgery
  • Salivary gland conditions
  • Cervicofacial infections
  • Temporomandibular joint conditions
  • Benign maxillofacial lesions
  • Dental implants
  • Intraoral conditions

The Clinic deals with both outpatients and with more complex cases that require hospitalization.

It hosts the following departments:

The Department handles patients with treatment plans that require osseointegration of dental implants.

It also focuses on cases that require bone grafting prior to the placement of implants due to jaw atrophy.

It further performs all the procedures related to oral tissue conditions, and the entire range of oral diagnostic procedures, such as intraoral biopsies or collection of specimens for cytology testing.

The Department specializes in disorders related to the skeletal development of the upper and lower jaw, which may lead to functional problems when chewing, speaking or swallowing, as well as aesthetic issues. These procedures require surgeons with long training, experience and technical skills, as well as proper preoperative assessment and preparation, so as to ensure optimal functional and aesthetic results for the patient.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is considered a cutting-edge surgical specialty for treating malignant lesions of the facial skeleton.

The Athens Euroclinic handles all types of malignant tumors that may develop in the region of the face, jaw and mouth.

These conditions require close cooperation among medical specialties, aiming at proper diagnosis, surgical approach, adjuvant treatment and patient recovery.

The Department handles all cases involving facial trauma due to fall, traffic accident or interpersonal violence. The Department maxillofacial surgeons have top training in managing fractures of the zygomatic complex, the nasoethmoid complex, the frontal bone, the jaws and the eye orbit, as well as extensive open wounds of the maxillofacial region.

Facial angiomas and vascular deformities require special surgical training and experience. Cases of facial vascular deformities in young patients and adults can be treated successfully at the Athens Euroclinic and the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital. The Department implements all the latest treatment protocols and is directly affiliated with similar centers in the USA and Germany.

Medical Infrastructure & Technology

The Department is fully equipped with the latest medical technology and is supported by the rest of the Hospital departments if deemed necessary.

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