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Scheduled Admission / Guider

All arrangements for scheduled admissions are made before admission by the attending physician through their receptionist. This activates Point E.N.A. (Inpatient Assistance Point). Everything starts at Point E.N.A (Inpatient Assistance Point), where you will meet your hospital Guider.

They will take care of your admission and provide information on anything relating to your insurance and hospitalization. They will also collect all the necessary documentation for your insurance fund and schedule the preoperative check-up.

On the day of admission, you will arrive at the time of your scheduled appointment and will be welcomed by your personal Guider, who will arrange for your immediate admission to a room without any delays or unnecessary hassles.

The Guider will stand by you at all times to offer guidance and assistance wherever necessary, until your hospitalization has concluded.

Emergency Admission

In the event of an emergency admission, please proceed to the Emergency Medicine Department. It is located on the ground level of the Hospital and it is open 24/7. Once all the necessary medical tests have been preformed, the medical and nursing staff will explain the admission process.

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