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Human Resources

Human Resources

At the Euroclinic Group, we aim at offering top-level medical and healthcare services. Our Group’s constant upward trend and its establishment as one of the leading healthcare providers nationwide are primarily due to our human resources. We believe that our people are a driving force and a valuable asset, so we must keep investing in them.

To fulfill our objectives, we focus on recruiting medical, nursing and administrative staff that stand out for their moral values and professional conduct. We set strict selection criteria and employ people with knowledge, inner drive and a patient-centered mentality.

We invest heavily in staff training through lifelong learning programs and projects that fulfill business and personal needs and priorities. In that vein, we organize and implement training courses that mainly focus on:

  • Smoothly integrating and training new recruits.
  • Teaching or optimizing personal skills.
  • Offering continuous training on contemporary techniques and nursing protocols.
  • Becoming accredited and offering training in in-clinic nursing courses.
  • Participating in national or international conventions.

All these actions, coupled with the annual performance evaluation, ensure the constant professional development of our people and the continuous improvement of the services we offer.


Job Openings

Contact us to find out about all the available job openings and career opportunities at the Euroclinic Group by sending us an email at hr@euroclinic.gr or by phone at + 30 210 6416160