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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is for our patients to view us as the most reliable choice for quality private healthcare in Greece, and for our employees as the best employer in our industry.


Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of people, by applying the most modern and innovative treatment protocols. To adopt best practices and give back to society, forging long-term relationships that are founded on safety and trust, by applying a ground-breaking, transparent and modern management and corporate governance model. We aspire to:

  • Upgrade continuously the services we offer, achieving high and measurable safety, quality and credibility indicators.
  • Promote an open channel of communication both with our patients and our employees.
  • Invest in cutting-edge medical technology.
  • Ensure our human resources develop professionally and are trained on innovative healthcare provision models.


Our Values

At the Euroclinic Group, all our values are centered on people and caring for them

Meritocracy: We create equal opportunities for all our employees, fostering a safe, friendly and fair work environment.

Transparency: We operate with absolute transparency, opposing any form of corruption, while adopting and applying a very strong code of ethics.

Innovation: We continuously invest in cutting-edge technology, ground-breaking medical services and healthcare models that are applied for the first time in Greece.

Team spirit: We believe that team spirit, freedom of expression and camaraderie ensure best results.

Quality: We continuously evaluate and optimize our services, creating high value and benefits both for our patients and our associates.

Responsibility: We offer our services altruistically if necessary, actively supporting vulnerable groups and charitable organizations, while we also contribute to reducing our ecological footprint.