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Medical Infrastructure & Technology

The Athens Euroclinic is equipped with the latest medical technology. Keeping patient safety in mind, it offers proper and comprehensive diagnosis by specialist physicians.

Due to the features of its state-of-the-art equipment, the Athens Euroclinic is ranked among the leading hospitals in Europe.

The hospital is specifically equipped with the following:

It is a state-of-the-art latest generation robotic surgery system that has revolutionized the field of laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery. The da Vinci® Si allows the surgeon to perform surgeries remotely without touching the patient’s body. It provides the flexibility of open surgeries, while ensuring success and significant benefits for the patient and the surgeon. In addition to surgical accuracy, the most important benefits for patients include:

  • Shorter duration of anesthesia
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Minimal complications
  • Minimal postoperative pain and discomfort
  • Significant reduction in hospitalization days
  • Excellent aesthetic result
  • Fast recovery and return to daily activities

The 3D imaging lens system enables the surgical field to be magnified up to 15 times for very precise, stable and detailed movements.

The MAGNETOM Aera 1.5 T MRI scanner comprises a unique combination of advanced technology and innovative features that ensure a high-quality diagnostic and imaging result while maximizing patient comfort during the medical scan. The MAGNETOM Aera MRI scanner allows the performance of the full range of plain MRI scans, while also providing more specialized examinations, such as T1 and T2 mapping cardiovascular MRI, Spectroscopy and Tractography. The main advantages of using the new MRI scanner are:

  • High-definition depiction
  • Decreased sense of claustrophobia
  • Special patient-friendly examination environment
  • Shorter examination time
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Suitable for all patients

It is the first Toshiba 128-axis CT scanner system that has been installed in Greece and the third in all of Europe. It has a real-time X-ray program and offers a program of volumetric shots with minimized doses of radiation for patients. It can also perform the examination in a flash of time (10-30 seconds), while thoroughly examining cardiac function. In addition, it has a special provision for children, so that when they undergo computed tomography, they are exposed to the lowest possible radiation dose.

This type of digital mammography system has a number of innovative technical features that make test results more reliable and accurate. The advantages of this mammography test method include reducing the number of false positive or false negative test results, precisely tracing the dimension and extension of the lesion providing important assistance and reliability to surgeons, and significantly increasing the diagnostic sensitivity of cancer diagnosis. In addition, the SELENIA series has received the “Frost & Sullivan’s Market Leadership and Product Line Strategy” award for its technological superiority in the field of digital mammography. The undoubted superiority of the Selenia digital mammography system over others is also proven by the Mammographic Type Test certification by the EUREF (European Reference Organization), a European organization. This certification requires very demanding clinical and physical operation tests.

With the help of this specific system, the possibility of unwanted movements during the biopsy procedure is minimized, ensuring accurate results. In particular, the specific HOLOGIC ATEC system used is a clinically advanced and FDA-approved vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system for stereotactic or ultrasound procedures. It is the most efficient system in the world and provides the fastest, safest, easiest and most clinically beneficial method for breast biopsy.

The system performs the full range of modern Interventional Cardiology procedures. It incorporates the latest Flat Detector technology for high quality imaging, as well as the XPer technology, through personalized settings, with which the system adapts to the way each operator works, ensuring friendly use for Cardiology applications (XPer Cardio). It also incorporates the Dose Wise philosophy, which includes a complete program for dose management (up to 90% reduction) and image quality optimization.

The Allura X-Per FD20 system is a state-of-the-art Neuroangiography system with a roof suspension that covers a wide range of invasive angiology, and diagnostic applications, including cerebral, chest, heart, abdominal, peripheral, non-invasive applications.

This is a fully digital X-ray unit, with ergonomic controls, special monitors on the control console and a 19-inch LCD wheeled monitor inside the examination room. It has a modern technology multi-peak generator, for better imaging in radiographic and X-ray applications.

This system includes lateral coaxial co-observer scope system and a stereoscopic opposite-facing co-surgery system for a second surgeon, while it has an integrated, color imaging system for recording and archiving images. In addition, it has a built-in special electronic touch screen, through which the microscope checks occur.

This is an advanced endoscopy system with new tissue imaging techniques that delivers improved, brighter imaging even in difficult areas of the mucosa, helping users to isolate, evaluate and classify related diseases with accurate results in a short time. The platform offers additional features, such as a thinner endoscope tip, high image resolution and, therefore, optimal display of results, while the smaller diameter of the endoscope causes the least possible discomfort to the patient.

The Vivid E95 echocardiograph is a modern revolutionary four-dimensional (4D) echocardiography platform, which is one hundred times more powerful than a conventional ultrasound system. It offers amazing imaging quality, as well as advanced 2D and 4D quantification tools, increasing diagnostic reliability and reducing the need for reassessments.

ROSA (Robotic Surgical Assistant) is the most advanced robotic system in performing total arthroplasty procedures. It is a robotic platform that assists the orthopedic surgeon, providing tools and data in real time to perform bone excisions more accurately, and improving soft tissue balance and implant alignment without losing the sense of natural flexion. The advantages of the ROSA© Knee System include:

  • Planning the surgery on the computer in detail, using personalized data for each patient
  • Evaluating the range of motion of the foot, in real time
  • Minimizing the possibility of intraoperative and postoperative complications
  • Reducing the time spent in hospital, as it is a minimally invasive method
  • Reducing postoperative pain and ensuring faster recovery
  • Providing the ability to perform difficult surgical operations with great precision

The Athens Euroclinic has installed the first KNEE3 robotic navigator in Greece by German company BRAINLAB, which is considered a pioneer in high-tech surgical support systems, following the developments and practices of international orthopedic centers. KNEE3 is an advanced navigation system, which ensures absolute accuracy in knee arthroplasty surgeries. At the same time, it allows the operation to be adapted to the particular anatomical features of the patient, allowing the surgeon to modify their steps and control the result, without restricting their movements. In the digital reconstructive surgery department of the Athens Euroclinic, arthroplasty surgeries have been performed since 2011 using the most modern digital technology systems.