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Visitor Information

Peace and quiet are important for the fast and effective recovery of patients.

To this end, visitors are advised to adhere to the following visiting hours.

Visiting Hours

  • Nursing Wards: 11:30-13:30 / 17:30-20:30
  • Intensive Care Unit & High Dependency Unit: 13:00-13:30 / 18:00-18:30

It is important that visitors comply with the visiting rules so as to ensure patient needs for peace and quiet.

Therefore, please:

  • Avoid loud conversations or activities, especially during rest periods.
  • Limit the number of visitors to two in hospital rooms.
  • Depart from the hospital wards as soon as the visiting hours are over.
  • Seek permission from the Nursing Division and the attending physician if a caretaker wants to stay in the hospital room overnight.
  • Do not use the patient toilets in the hospital rooms.

Infection Control

The Athens Euroclinic offers impeccable health and safety conditions for patients and their visitors, strictly adhering to the international regulations for prevention and control of hospital infections. The Hospital’s nursing staff have been fully trained on implementing all the hygiene regulations and procedures, while they are constantly updated on infection prevention rules.

By following the simple rules listed below, you and your visitors can contribute significantly to the efforts of the medical and nursing staff for preventing hospital infections:

  • Wash your hands frequently and use the special hand antiseptics located in various areas around the Hospital and the wards. This will limit the risk of spreading germs and transmitting infections through your hands.
  • Avoid using items belonging to other patients or sitting on their beds.
  • Remind your visitors to be cautious during their visit, to follow the hygiene regulations and to use hand antiseptic.
  • Please ask your friends and relatives not to visit if they have a cold or flu.

Safety & Security

The Hospital strives to offer a safe environment for patients and their visitors. The security staff use a closed circuit system to monitor all common areas and guarantee your safe hospitalization 24/7. For assistance with any security matters, please contact the Security Office directly on extension 94200.

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