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Bill Settlement

An employee from Patient Accounts will contact you at your hospital room a day before your child is discharged to inform you of your hospitalization costs and explain how you can settle your bill. Once you have paid off your bill, you must deliver the hospital receipt issued to you by the Cashier to the ward supervisor to pick up your child’s discharge papers.

If your child has been scheduled to be discharged on a Sunday or a public holiday, you must settle your bill on the previous day. Along with the discharge papers, you may also receive a hospitalization certificate for your child’s school or your work, as long as you have notified the ward supervisor or the reception beforehand.

The following payment options are available to you:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Check

The Hospital staff will complete the discharge process and issue your discharge papers immediately, so that you may leave before 12:00 noon.

If for medical reasons – and solely for that – a patient must be discharged after 12:00 noon, then the following apply:

  • Patients with private health insurance – the discharge papers are issued on the following day, apart from One-Day Clinic (ODC) cases.
  • Patients without private health insurance – half of the daily hospitalization fee applies if the patient is discharged until 18:00 and the entire daily hospitalization fee applies if the patient is discharged after 18:00.

These charges are not covered by social insurance funds.

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