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The following documents are necessary for admission:

  • ID Card or passport
  • Tax number (VAT) & tax office
  • Hospitalization card or insurance policy number
  • Referral or hospitalization approval for scheduled procedures or treatments from private insurer (e.g. Medisystem for individuals insured with Interamerican) or from social insurance fund (e.g. Bank of Greece, etc).

Medical History

It is important for the attending physician to take down your full medical history so as to decide on the most suitable treatment. Upon admission, you must bring with you a complete file with your imaging scans, previous test results, medical opinions and anything else you might be asked to submit during your hospitalization.

Preoperative Check-Up

For surgical cases, or cases where the physician requests a check-up prior to admission, you will be notified of the date for the preoperative check-up. If you are insured and must go through a pre-approval process, the check-up will be performed several days before the scheduled surgery (at least 5 working days), so that the pre-approval is received with just one visit to the Hospital. In all other events, the preoperative check-up may be completed up to one day before admission.


If you are on medications, you must know the names of all your medications so you can inform your attending physician. Otherwise, bring the medications with you or submit your health booklet, which contains all the relevant prescriptions.

Nutrition Before Admission

Please follow the nutritional advice given by your attending physician prior to admission.

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