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General Information

The Athens Euroclinic Intensive Care Unit is a Level III multidisciplinary ICU that can accommodate patients referred from all of the Hospital’s departments.


The ICU is staffed by intensivists distinguished for their clinical and scientific work, who implement established clinical practices, aiming at efficient and comprehensive treatment. As an indication, the average ICU hospitalization of heart surgery patients was 1.43 days (in 2014).

The ICU is further staffed by experienced nurses, who offer quality healthcare services to patients and complement the work of physicians.

The ICU patients are also followed by a physiotherapist daily. The pharmaceutical treatment administered is based on the individual clinical needs of each patient, in accordance with the physician’s instructions.

Medical Infrastructure & Technology

The ICU is located on the 2nd level of the main building. It has a total capacity of 10 beds, as well as all the necessary auxiliary areas.

Each bed is equipped with its own respirator and patient monitoring system. Two of the beds are located in an isolation room, for hospitalization of infectious patients. The ICU is also equipped with all the necessary infrastructure (4 beds) for hemodialysis, provided it is deemed necessary.

The ICU area has large windows which provide ample natural light during the day. This creates a comfortable and pleasant environment for the ICU patients.

The ICU has direct access to the 2nd level operating theaters, while it is conveniently located close to the emergency and imaging departments.

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