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General Information

The Euroclinic Children’s Hospital Neurology Department covers the entire range of pediatric neurological conditions: headaches/migraines, tics and twitches, epilepsy/spasms, macrocephaly/microcephaly, psychokinetic disorders, walking abnormalities, movement disorders, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, neurodevelopmental disorders (autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), etc.


Assisted by other departments within the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital, as well as external labs, the Neurology Department can investigate and treat a wide range of conditions, such as neuromuscular diseases, neurometabolic disorders, cerebral palsy, etc. The children monitored by the Neurology Department may also undergo imaging and electrophysiology tests within the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital.

The Hospital further offers 24-hour pediatric neurology services to all the hospitalized children. Treatment is offered for all acute pediatric neurological disorders, including encephalitis, status epilepticus, cerebrovascular accidents, demyelinating disease, etc.

Medical Infrastructure & Technology

The Euroclinic Children’s Hospital has state-of-the-art clinical labs, but also works with specialized labs in Greece and abroad, so as to offer full laboratory support to children wherever necessary through blood, biochemical, metabolic and genetic testing.

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