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General Information

A modern ENT Department operates within the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital, fully adjusted to the needs of young patients. The Department staff have top scientific training and long experience in treating ENT conditions in young patients.


The ENT Department offers services that cover the entire range of modern pediatric otolaryngology, successfully treating even the most difficult cases, both on a diagnostic and a therapeutic level. The Department has a reliable Hearing Center and assists the Hospital’s Pediatric Department, offering top-level services in the field of head and neck surgery.
The Department is open 24/7 and also handles emergencies.

Medical Infrastructure & Technology

The Hearing Center offers the possibility of studying hearing patterns in infants and children of all ages, assisted by the latest technology, such as tympanometer, audiometer and a device for auditory evoked potentials and otoacoustic emissions. The Department is also equipped with rigid and flexible endoscopes, ensuring convenient and reliable diagnosis. It is also possible to perform tests while under anesthesia, assisted by an anesthesiologist.

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