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Board of Directors

Spyros Kapralos

Chairman, Non-Executive Member


Nicolas Plakopitas

Vice-Chairman, Executive Member


Antonis Vouklaris



Angelos Plakopitas

Non-Executive Member


Michalis Madianos


Scientific Committee of the Ethics and Professional Conduct Board, Euroclinic Group


Associate Professor Aristeidis Karagiannis

Urology Clinic Director



Anastasios Gyftopoulos

Radiology Department Director, Euroclinic Group


Andreas Konstantinou

Medical Services Director, Internal Medicine Department Director, Athens Euroclinic


Nikolaos Nasiakopoulos

Gastroenterology Department Director, Athens Euroclinic


Zois Panagopoulos

ICU Director, Athens Euroclinic


Christos Panopoulos

Oncology Department Director, Athens Euroclinic


Georgios Sampalis

Surgery Department Director, Athens Euroclinic


Michail Soutis

Pediatric Sector Head, Pediatric Surgery Department Director, Euroclinic Children’s Hospital


Eleni Tsapra

Pediatric Department Director, Euroclinic Children’s Hospital