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Director of Endocrinology and Metabolism  “Euroclinic of Athens S.A. General Hospital”


1963: Degree in Medicine University of Athens
1969: Specialization : Internal Medicine
1973: Specialization : Endocrinology
1976: Doctorate in Medicine
1970 – 1984: Lecturer of the Dept. of Internal Medicine and
Endocrinology -Athens Polyclinic Hospital
1984 – 2000: Chief of the Unit of Endocrinology,
Metabolism and Radioisotopes – Athens
Polyclinic General Hospital of Greece.
1985-2000 Head of the Section of Internal Medicine –
Athens Polyclinic General Hospital.
2000-2005: Chief of the Dept. of Endocrinology and
Metabolism- “Henry Dunant’ Hospital.
2005-Present: Director of Endocrinology and Metabolism
“Euroclinic of Athens S.A. General Hospital”


1978 General secretary — Hellenic Endocrine Society.
1979 Special Secretary of Hellenic Society For the Study of
Psychosomatic Problems and Founding Member .
1983 Vice President — Hellenic Diabetologic Society.
Founding Member of Hellenic Diabetologic Society and
Member of Executive Council for 3 years.
1987 President — Hellenic Endocrine Society.
For 10 years Member of Executive Council —
Hellenic Endocrine Society.
2001 Vice President of the Hellenic Society for the Study and
Applications of Growth Hormone and Founding Member.

  • EASD ( European Association for the Study of Diabetes ).
  • ETA (European Thyroid Association ).
  • European Endocrine Society
  • European Union for Thyroid Cancer.
  • International Endocrine Society.
  • International Diabetologic Society.
  • American Endocrine Society.
  • Scientific Representative for Hellenic Endocrine Society in European and International Endocrine Meetings  1987-1994.
  • Member of the Review Committee of the Hellenic Endocrine Society for the Panellenic Endocrinology Congress from 1979-1983.
  • Special Advisor for  “Archives of Hellenic Medicine”.
  • Tutor in Advanced Courses of the Hellenic Endocrine Society for Fellows in Endocrinology in years 1978, 1983,1997,1998,1999.
  • Scientific Collaborator for Professor ,G.Daikos – Faculty of Internal Medicine Athens University and Tutor to Medical students.
  • Conductor of Informative Public Tutorials held at Athens Polyclinic
  • Consultant for different journals and newspapers.
  • Publications, Presentations, Reviews and Participation in Hellenic, European and International Medical Congresses.
  • Qualifying Medical Degree 1963
  • Obligatory Initial Practice Certification 1963-1965
  • Specialization Certificate : Internal Medicine 1969
  • Specialization Certificate: Endocrinology 1973
  • Doctorate in Medicine 1976
  • Certificates Awarded by various Organizations