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Current Titles

  • Director, Pulmonary Dpt. EUROCLINIC-ATHENS-GREECE
  • Lecturer, Medical School, National University of Athens, Greece (1982)


Professional Experience

Director, Department of 3rd Chest Medicine, Sismanoglion General Hospital, Athens, Greece(1997-2012)-Director Chest Dpt A.Fleming Gen.Hospital-Athens:1989-1997-

Senior Staff Member: Sotiria CHEST HOSPITAL, ATHENS: 1981-1989

  • Degree of Medicine, obtained at the Medical School, National University of Athens, Greece October 1975
  • Internal Medicine (1978)
  • Pneumonology (1980)
  • Occupational Medicine (1988)

Serum levels of lead and lung function in police department traffic officers (1980-1982)

  1. 6months: Critical Care Department and Lung Function Laboratories, London Chest Hospital (1983-84, London U.K., supervisor Dr. R.M. Rudd)
  2. 1 week: Laser in Bronchoscopy (1988, Marseille France, supervisor Prof. Dumon and Prof. Shapshay)
  3. 1 week: Bronchoalveolar Lavage (1986, Prague Czechoslovakia, supervisor Prof. Voisin)
  4. 3 months: Bronchoscopy Chest Clinic- MayoClinic July – October 1996 – Supervisor : Prof. Prakash
  5. 3 months: Interstitial Lung Disease Unit: Brompton Royal Hospital-LONDON-January 1999-April1999
  6. 3 months:Pulmonary Vasculitis: Mayo Clinic-Prof. U.Specks:May 1st—July 31st 2007

7   3 months: .Sarcoidosis: Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)-Charleston, SC, Prof M. Judson.August 1st-October 31st.

1: West  “Respiratory Physiology”, 1987

 Pathophysiology of the Lung, edited by V. Polychronopoulos, translated version of J.B. West “Pulmonary Pathophysiology”, 1986

  1. Atlas of Bronchoscopy, edited by G. Thalassinos and V. Polychronopoulos, translated version of P. Straddling “Atlas of Bronchoscopy”,Paschalidis Editions: 1996
  2. Chest and Cardiac Imaging, edited by V. Polychronopoulos, translated version of R. Eisenberg “Chest and Cardiac Imaging “,Paschalidis Editions 1996
  3. Pathophysiology in diffuse interstitial lung diseases (chapter). V. Polychronopoulos. In: Interstitial Lung Diseases, edited by Hellenic Thoracic Society, 1994
  4. Metastatic lung neoplasms (chapter). V. Polycrhonopoulos. In: Bronchogenic Cancer, edited by Hellenic Thoracic Society, 1993

6:Polychronopoulos V., Kosmas E. Pleural  effusion secondary to Gastrointestinal Disease. In: Deckers Pleural Disease; Bouros D: 2004-and  2nd Edition 2008

: 3rd Edition ,2010

 7:.Clinical Pneumonology  : 3 Volumes-Pages :3070 -2nd Edition:Textbook:Edited by :D. Polyzogopoulos and V.  Polychronopoulos-Paschalidis Editions-2005

      3rd Edition: 2022  2400 Pages


8.Pulmonary Circulation.D.Polyzogopoulos-V. Polychronopoulos. In : Pulmonary Physiology-Edited by Hellenic Thoracic Society- 2006


  1. Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis :Diagnosis and differential diagnosis- V.Polychronopoulos-In: Occupational and Environmental  Lung Diseases-Edited  by  Hellenic Thoracic  Society-2007
  2. Acute interstitial and alveolar infiltrates : V. Polychronopoulos-In: Emergency Chest Medicine: Edited by Hellenic Thoracic Society-2008

11¨.Common questions in Chest Medicine;Hellenic Thoracic Society 2010: Essentials in Pulmonary Embolism.

  1. Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage syndromes: chapter 15;E.Stagaki and V.Polychronopoulos;In:S.K.Jindal’s:Textbook of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine;JAYPEE Brothers;2010
  2. Airway involvement iILDs:S.Tryphon,V.Polychronopoulos,in:

Interstitial Lung Disease;O.Sharma;ED.JAYPEE Brothers,2011

  1. Acute Exacerbation of Sarcoidodis;In: :.Acute Exacerbation of Respiratory Disease: S.SAHN;ED. :JAYPEE Brothers,2011





(Topics concerning bronchoscopy, pathophysiology,  interstitial lung disease,  and pleural disease)



  1. Invited Speaker ATS 2006 :THORACIC  PAIN

2.Invtited  speaker  at CHEST 2005,2006: Organizing Pneumonia

 3.Invited   Speaker   APSR-2005  Guangzhou-China: Clinical aspects of  Interstitial Lung Diseaseas

 4.Invited    Speaker  : CHEST-Pro- Buono Course– Romania-2005 ; Technical  Solutions to common   problems  during  bonchoscopy—Eosinophilic  Lung Disease-

5. Invited  Speaker  : WORLD  Association  of   Bronchology  -Meeting-2006- Buenos Aires- Argentina

  1. Scientific Organizer and speaker in three Meetings  of  CHEST and Hellenic Thoracic Society-  JUNE-2002-2004-2006- :  Three-days Hands on- Teaching Seminar  on Bronchoscopy

7.Invited speaker in Brown University, Sept 2007: Technical solutions during Bronchoscopy

8.Invited speaker in MUSC;Charleston, SC: Organizing Pneumonia

9.Invited speaker in Postgratuated Course of Hellenic Thoracic Society-Athens-Dec 2007:Nomenclature of the Bronchoscopy findings

  1. Invited Speaker at Pro-Bono Course;Argentina, Buenos Aires, June 2008 and Targue Mures and Buchurest (Romania), 2005 and 2006.


11.Invited Speaker: International WASOG  Meeting Charleston,SC, 2009: Bronchoscopic findings in Wegener.

12.Scientific Organizer and Speaker of International Pulmonary Board Review:ACCP-Hellenic Thoracic Society : June 2009 Kavouri-Athens( Topics : ILDs, Alveolar Hemorrhagic Syndromes)

13.Invited Speaker  at  APSR 2009,Seoul, South Korea –Topics: Acutre Respiratory Failure due to ILD; Differential Diagnosis of ILDs;  Clinical Evaluation of Thoracic Pain; Technical Solutions to Common Problems during Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy—13-19  November 2009.

14 Invited Speaker at Gulf Thoracic Society-ACCP   Meeting: Abu-Dhabi ,March 17-20: Static and Dynamic Lung Volumes-DLCO

  1. Ivited Speaker at Internatronal Meeting for Lung Cancer: Bronchoscopy findings in lung cancer; June 2010, Samos,Greece.
  2. Invited Speaker at Bulgarian Respiratory Society National Meeting: Plovdiv,

June 2010:Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage.

  1. Invited Speaker at International Meeting of World Association of Bronchology; June 2010:

Tracheobronchial Manifestations in Sarcoidosis and Wegener Granulomatosis.


18: Chairman-Speaker at 4th Hands-on Meeting of ACCP-Hellenic Thoracic Society; Athens, June 2010: (a): Nomenclature of Endobronchial Findings.

          (b) Casualties during fiberoptic Bronchoscopy.


19: Invited speaker at CHEST 2010 MEETING:  Vancouver ,Oct 29-Nov4 :Global challenges

In the Management of Asthma;  Sunday,,Oct31th.-Ivited Expert at :Drug induced Lung Disease

Invited Moderator for Lung Cancer Posters.

20: Invited speaker at Egyptian Bronchology Society Meeting; Cairo , 2010, December 2-4 

21: Organiser and Speaker at: 2nd  HTS/ACCP Pulmonary Board Review Meeting in Athens, June 2012: Difuse Lung Disease: Diagnostic Strategy.

  1. ERS School ,6-8  July 2012: Speaker : Pulmonary Vasculitis


  1. 3rd International Lung Cancer Seminar;6-8 September 2012: Speaker:Lung Cancer Screening: To Whom?

 24.Invited Speaker: 2nd  ECBIP Meeting: Izmir, April 2013: Bronchoscopic or Surgical Diagnosis in Interstitial Lung Disease?

25.Invited Speaker : 35th Annual Meeting of Turkish Thoracic Society: Izmir, October 4-7, 2013;Topics: Organizing Pneumonia and Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage.

26: Invited Speaker: 22th HTS Annual Meeting-ERS School: Lung Mechanics in Interstitial Lung Diseases: 5 Dec 2013, Athens –Greece

27: Invited  Speaker : 1st WORLD CHEST ,Madrid, March 21-24  2014: Thoracic  Pain.

28:Invited Speaker:HTS-ERS Hermes School: Athens, August 2014: Pulmonary Vasculitis

29.Invited Speaker : 1st Pulmonary Board Review: ACCP/Izmir: Oct 2014: Pulmonary Embolism.

  1. Invited Speaker: CONFERENCE ON LUNG CANCER:Best of 16TH WCLC: Risk factors for Lung Cancer;HILTON, ATHENS-January 14-15, 2016

31: Invited Speaker: University of Athens: Oncology Dpt: Prof.Syrigos: Lung Cancer and ILD-


32: Invited Speaker: National Congress in Pulmonology: Athens, 2017: Interstitial Lung Disease

33: : Invited Speaker: National Congress in Pulmonology: Thessaloniki , 2018: (a)Technical Solutions to common problems during Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy-(b)-Chairman: Pulmonary Embolism

34: : Invited Speaker: University of Athens:Prof . Zakynthinos S. : Differential diagnosis of ILDs.Evaggelismos Hosp, 5/2019

35:  Invited Speaker: Hellenic Thoracic Society: 4/2018: Pathogenesis of Tuberculosis-

36: Scientific  Collaborator of Dpt of Pathological Physiology of Athens University:

Lectures to Students at 3 rd and 6th year of Medical School- 2012-2019

37: Coordinator and Faculty Member: 3rd ACCP/HTS  Meeting ,Athens 2019—June, Megaron Moussikis-

38:Invited Speaker : University of Athens:Prof . Zakynthinos S. :Thoracic Pain-Evangelismos Hospital, Sept 2020






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25/1/2022: Cited documents Total  2168



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