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NN Hellas, REA Maternity Hospital and Euroclinic Children’s Hospital: Caring for newborns together

NN Hellas, in partnership with REA Maternity Hospital and the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital, is offering parents the first year of insurance for their baby free of charge, through the NN Direct Health My First Insurance policy for newborns.

This policy is for all newborns born at REA Maternity Hospital, with the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital as exclusive health provider. It is an offer for those who want to ensure the best healthcare for their newborn, which includes, for the first year:

  • Direct coverage of hospitalization fees for:
    • type B room and board,
    • presence of a carer,
    • hospitalization in Intensive Care / High Dependency Units,
    • doctors’ and anesthesiologists’ fees,
    • medical tests, surgeries and treatments without hospitalization,
    • emergency transportation.
  • Coverage limit up to €30,000, for the first year of insurance.
  • €500 excess per hospitalization, with the option of insurance coverage, entirely or in part, through the use of social insurance or other insurance body.

The goal of all three associated companies is to provide access to quality healthcare services for every newborn. After the first year of their baby’s life, parents may renew the policy, extending their options at an affordable insurance premium.

Mr. Konstantinos Kougioumoutzis, Chief Operations Officer, NN Hellas, stated, “At ΝΝ Hellas, by continuously improving the quality of our services and having people as our priority, we are standing by our clients so that they may care for what is really important to them. We are supporting the parents, putting their children’s health first.”

Mr. Kyriakos Mitsakos Barmpagiannis, Chairman of REA Maternity Hospital BoD, stated, “REA Maternity Hospital has been embracing Greek families for the past 10 years, offering quality healthcare services and always focusing on mothers and newborns. Our aim is to care for the families even after they are discharged from the maternity hospital. This is why we choose our partners carefully and welcome our new partnership with NN Hellas and the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital.” 

Mr. Antonis Vouklaris, Euroclinic Group CEO, stated, “The Euroclinic Children’s Hospital is a comprehensive children’s hospital in the center of Athens, with 20 years of experience standing by children and their families. It covers all pediatric specialties, providing an environment of trust and safety for young patients and their carers. Further to this is the partnership with NN Hellas and REA Maternity Hospital.”