Kandaraki Anna

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PhD candidate at Medical School of Athens University
­ Msc in Clinical Psychology
­ Member of the National Nutrition Guidelines scientific committee

Special Interests

  • ­Health Psychology of chronic illnesses (Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer, Obesity)
  • Psychopathology of Adult and Adolescent
  • Family/ Group/ Individualized psychotherapy

Professional Experience

  • ­ 2013- 2015: Clinical Psychologist at ‘Sinouri’ Psychiatric-Neurology Private Hospital, Athens, Greece.
  • 2011-2013: Direct help line for Depression at University Research Institute of Mental health (Ε.Π.Ι.Ψ.Υ.), Athens, Greece.
  • 2011-2012: Consultation for women with hormonal, reproductive and obesity problems, Unit of Psychology at ‘Eugenideio’ Hospital, Athens, Greece.
  • 2010-2011: Psychiatric Adult Clinic at ‘Paul Guiraud Villejuif’ Hospital, Paris, France

Degree in Psychology from ‘Paris V Rene Descartes’ University, Sorbonne, France.
Specialization in Clinical Psychology ‘Paris V Rene Descartes’ University, Sorbonne, France.

  •  Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology from ‘Paris V Rene Descartes’ University, Sorbonne, France.
  • Professional Master’s Degree II in Health psychology from ‘Paris V Rene Descartes’ University, Sorbonne, France.
  •  Systemic Family Psychotherapy
  •  Cognitive Psychotherapy
  • ­ English (Language Proficiency)
  • French (Degree from Sorbonne University)
  • Psychotic Symptoms in a Patient with Hashimoto’s Thyroditis Kontoangelos K, Economou M, Kandaraki A, British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research,Ιανουάριος 2013.
  • Anxiety is associated with hormonal and metabolic profile in women with polycisticovarien syndrome.
  • Livadas S, Chaskou S, Kandaraki A., Clinical Endocrinology (Oxf), May 2011.