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Molecular (PCR) test for COVID-19

Molecular (PCR) test for COVID-19


Molecular (PCR) test for coronavirus (COVID-19): €47 Fast, easy and safe
  • Reliable results within 24 hours
  • Flexible sample collection appointment
  • Results sent via email
  • Option of having the results translated into English (for traveling)
Sample collection is performed daily (Mon-Fri, 07:30-20:00, and weekends optionally) and only by appointment. To book your appointment call on +30 210 6416800 & 801 (Mon-Fri, 08:00-16:00), or on +30 210 6416600 (24/7) Choose one of the additional sample collection methods for coronavirus, depending on your needs:
  1. Drive-through molecular COVID-19 test: €47
Molecular (PCR) test from the safety of your car. Find out more HERE
  1. At home molecular COVID-19 test: € 120 (+€50 for each additional person)
Coronavirus testing without unnecessary travel, at the safety of your home. Find out more HERE
  1. Quantitative antibody determination test
Evaluation of immune response following infection or vaccination. Find out more HERE


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