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Athens Euroclinic: Innovative Robotic Navigation System

Athens Euroclinic: Innovative Robotic Navigation System

The first robotic KNEE3 navigator in Greece has been installed at the Athens Euroclinic by German company BRAINLAB, which is considered a pioneer in supporting state-of-the-art surgical systems, in tune with the latest developments and the practice of internationally recognized orthopedic centers.

KNEE3 is an advanced navigator system which ensures extreme accuracy of knee arthroplasty procedures, as it detects the behavior of knee joints and ligaments interoperatively and balances the soft tissue. At the same time, it allows adjustments during surgery, according to the patient’s anatomical traits, so surgeons may adjust their moves and check the results without limiting their movements.

The first arthroplasty surgeries have already been performed successfully by Mr. Stefanos Anastasopoulos, Orthopedic Department Director, Athens Euroclinic, with the use of KNEE3 technology, while at the same time the ATTUNE KNEE stent is used, an innovative and integrated knee system by Johnson & Johnson that combines groundbreaking design, movement and excellent materials for the most successful result possible.

The combined use of the KNEE3 system and ATTUNE KNEE stent offers significant benefits for the patient, which can be summed up to an excellent functional result, long duration of the stent (more than 15 years), immediate postoperative mobility, significant reduction in surgery duration and hospitalization, less blood loss, reduced postoperative pain and possible complications, and the chance to have both knees operated simultaneously.

As stated by Mr. Stefanos Anastasopoulos, Orthopedic Department Director, Athens Euroclinic, “Knee and hip arthroplasty are common orthopedic surgeries with an increasing trend. The use of digital technology in medicine is an obvious choice, as an integral supplement to medical knowledge and practice. In the digital reconstructive surgery department of the Athens Euroclinic, arthroplasty surgeries are being performed since 2011, using the most contemporary digital technology systems.”