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Euroclinic: New, ultra-modern robotic ROSA® KNEE SYSTEM

The future of robotic knee surgery is at Euroclinic

New, ultra-modern robotic ROSA® KNEE SYSTEM

Extremely precise, excellent results, adjusted to the needs of every patient

The Euroclinic Group is ushering in the future in robotic knee surgery with the new ultra-modern robotic ROSA® KNEE SYSTEM for arthroplasty procedures on the knee, continuing for yet another year to invest in the latest medical technology.

The new robotic system currently available at Euroclinic is the best ally of orthopedic surgeons, offering computer-assisted guidance through all stages and ensuring excellent results for the patients.

Specifically, the ROSA® KNEE SYSTEM is one of the most valuable tools in knee conditions, since it is a minimally invasive method with millimeter precision, which has multiple benefits for every patient, including less postoperative pain, lower risk of complications, less blood loss, shorter hospitalization, faster recovery, immediate return to daily activities, option to treat complicated cases and patients with osteosynthesis materials or pre-existing implants, and a long-term postoperative result.

The new robotic system for knee arthroplasty further enhances the already leading orthopedic department of the Athens Euroclinic, which is staffed with orthopedic specialists with extensive experience and expertise, while it is equipped with the latest medical technology for the treatment of the entire range of orthopedic conditions.

The CEO of the Euroclinic Group, Mr. Antonis Vouklaris stated, “As part of the continuous commitment of our Hospital to innovate, we are investing in cutting-edge medical technology, particularly in robotic surgery, which is the future of medicine, improving continuously the quality of the services we provide to our patients.