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Euroclinic supports The Smile of the Child association

The Euroclinic’s Children Hospital has been actively supporting The Smile of the Child during the pandemic

More than 200 free vaccines for children in need

Responding to the needs of The Smile of the Child association in these tough times, the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital is donating more than 200 vaccines to children in need.

As part of its specially designed Corporate Social Responsibility program launched in July 2018 for children hosted in shelters of The Smile of the Child, the Ark of the World and the Together for Children associations in Attica, even during the pandemic, the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital remains true to its commitment, actively supporting the immediate need for vaccination of the children cared for by The Smile of the Child.

The majority of these vaccines will be used for refugees and migrant children up to the age of 2 who have no access to healthcare, ensuring prevention. As stated by the Panel of Experts of the Ministry of Health in a unanimous decision, the interruption of vaccination, even for a short while, may lead to accumulation of people susceptible to infection, increase the risk of disease pandemics that may be prevented with vaccines and may place a further burden on the Healthcare System.

The Director of the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital Pediatric Department, Ms. Eleni Tsapra, stated, “After the relevant announcement by the NPHO and Mr. Sotiris Tsiodras, we have decided that children aged under two should be vaccinated as soon as possible, even during the pandemic. We have proceeded with a donation of vaccines to The Smile of the Child, to help all children in need, up to the age of 2.”

The CEO of the Euroclinic Group, Mr. Antonis Vouklaris, noted, “The Euroclinic Group supports The Smile of the Child and the children in need of vaccination by donating 210 vaccines to the most sensitive part of our society, the children. In these tough times, ensuring their health is more important than ever.”

The Chairman of The Smile of the Child Association, Mr. Kostas Giannopoulos, added, “The donation of vaccines by the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital actively proves that in our intense and burning effort to safeguard the health of hundreds of underprivileged children who cannot afford proper medical healthcare, we have valuable allies. A significant offer that will support the immunization of many more children from the Hellenic Center of Health Services and Social Care of our Organization, which continues to vaccinate and offer complete medical care to children in need during these tough times.