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New partnership between Interamerican and the Athens Euroclinic!

New partnership between Interamerican and the Athens Euroclinic!

Interamerican and the Athens Euroclinic work together for oncologic/hematologic conditions

Interamerican and the Athens Euroclinic are expanding their cooperation for primary healthcare services, with the incorporation of Euroclinic Oncology and Hematology specialists working in the Interamerican Healthcare Network in Attica. These specialties, which are considered critical in the early diagnosis and treatment of oncology and hematology cases in primary healthcare, enrich the cooperation between the two companies to the benefit of their customers, making their management significantly more flexible. Patients insured with Interamerican Healthcare programs for primary healthcare services will be able to visit the Euroclinic oncologists and hematologists incorporated in the Healthcare Network, being directly covered by Interamerican.

Direct coverage is available to individuals insured in Attica, who are not entitled to coverage when visiting oncologists or hematologists not included in the company’s Healthcare Network. On the other hand, insured customers outside Attica will be able to visit oncologists and hematologists outside the Network and be covered according to the terms of their policy.

The partnership between Interamerican and the Athens Euroclinic for upgraded healthcare services to all insured patients with cancer – irrespective of whether their program includes primary healthcare services or not – is based on the creation of an Oncology Board at Athinaiki Mediclinic, which is owned by Interamerican Group, and the Athens Euroclinic. The Oncology Board services are available to insured patients only if they have visited oncologists or hematologists of the Healthcare Network or have been diagnosed with neoplasms or have had surgery at Athinaiki Mediclinic.

The Oncology Board, which is offered to insured patients free-of-charge by Interamerican at the private-owned Athinaiki Mediclinic and the Athens Euroclinic, is a modern global practice for oncology purposes. A case is referred to the Oncology Board after medical evaluation of the necessity by the oncologists and hematologists of the Interamerican Healthcare Network or by the attending physician of Athinaiki Mediclinic.