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Significant distinction for orthopedic specialist Mr. Dimitrios Alexakis!

The Euroclinic orthopedic specialists continue to excel for their top scientific level

Mr. Dimitrios Alexakis, Director, Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Doctor at the Athens Euroclinic, was selected by American Sports Medicine Company Parcus Medical, to perform a live surgery along with his surgical team on the proper use of suture anchors during arthroscopic restoration of the knee anterior cruciate ligament in the company’s official video.

This distinction does not only recognize Mr. Alexakis’ surgical skills and experience, but also the top-level staff and surgical infrastructure of the Athens Euroclinic, where the surgery was performed.

Mr. Alexakis has been a member of the Euroclinic medical staff for more than 20 years, while he specializes in a large number of orthopedic surgical procedures, including knee arthroscopy, total hip, knee and shoulder arthroplasty and many others.