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16th Scientific Meeting (Live Webinar) of the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital

The latest developments in coronavirus and contemporary pediatrics

LIVE BROADCAST AT https://nowcongress.gr/

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For yet another year, the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital is meeting with the scientific pediatric community by organizing its 16th Scientific Meeting.  To safeguard the health of all participants against the coronavirus, the pediatric community meeting will take place remotely via live streaming (Live Webinar) on Saturday 21 November, at 10 am.

The main theme of the talks will be “Pediatrics during SARS-CoV-2”. Distinguished doctors from the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital and invited guest speakers from Agia Sofia Children’s Hospital will give talks on interesting topics on the latest developments with COVID-19, as well as other significant topics of modern pediatrics, in a webinar dedicated to children and their health.

Some of the topics that will be discussed during the meeting are “The pediatrician’s role during the COVID-19 pandemic”, “The importance of the mask in the prevention of COVID-19 infection”, “The latest findings in immune thrombocytopenia in children”, “Periodic fever syndrome in children”, etc.

Interested parties may watch the webinar live at https://nowcongress.gr/, on Saturday 21 November, at 10 am.

Webinar participation is free of charge and participating pediatricians will receive 2 CME/CPD credits from the Greek Medical Association.