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Euroclinic and imed invest in your child’s smile!

Euroclinic and imed invest in your child’s smile!

Invest in your child’s smile!

The Euroclinic Group, in cooperation with dedicated orthodontist clinics, is offering a free-of-charge check-up, aiming to diagnose any orthodontic issue, early and comprehensively.

The associated medical clinics cover the entire range of orthodontic treatments for children, adolescents and adults in Attica. Especially for our young friends, Euroclinic is offering preventive orthodontic treatment (mouthguard) starting from €380 and full orthodontic treatment for adolescents (braces) starting from €1,580.

Special rates will apply even for special types of treatment, such as lingual orthodontics and aligners, depending on the complexity of each case, and the material and treatment selected by the patient in cooperation with the attending physician.

To schedule a free-of-charge orthodontic check-up call on (+30) 210 68.30.856, Monday-Friday 09.00-21.00.