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Euroclinic: European first in total hip/knee replacement without hospitalization!

Euroclinic: European first in total hip/knee replacement without hospitalization!

For the first time in Greece and Europe, Dr. Vasileios Sakellariou, Director of the Orthopedic Department, and his team of surgeons carried out total knee replacement without hospitalization. The procedure, lasting about 60 minutes, was performed on a 51-year-old patient and was extremely successful, with the patient being discharged and able to walk on the same day, without needing hospitalization.

Dr. Sakellariou’s team is now offering to the Euroclinic patients who fulfill the necessary requirements the chance of have outpatient total knee/hop replacement, which is now the fixed practice among the leading orthopedic centers in the USA. Ideal candidates for total joint replacement without hospitalization are healthy individuals with low anesthesia risk, such as absence of heart or respiratory issues, so that monitoring is not required postoperatively.

Apart from the well-known benefits of minimally invasive techniques (minimal postoperative pain, reduced blood loss, immediate recovery), total hip/knee replacement ensures lower infection risks, since same-day discharge limits the risk of hospital-acquired infections, as well as optimal restoration, as patients recover at home and physiotherapy may start on the same or the following day.

As noted by the Athens Euroclinic Director of Orthopedics, Dr. Sakellariou, “Arthroplasty without hospitalization has revolutionized the treatment of knee and hip osteoarthritis, offering the possibility to be relieved of pain and acquire a normal life without any hospitalization. Before surgery without hospitalization, it is very important for patients to get a check-up and be evaluated by an experienced and specialized medical team, which can support them effectively and postoperatively.”

Mr. Antonis Vouklaris, CEO of the Euroclinic Group, noted, “At Euroclinic, we innovate across Europe on all levels, having focused on our patients and offering innovative medical solutions and techniques, in tune with the best centers worldwide, due to the high medical standards of our medical and nursing staff.”