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Euroclinic Group: Actively supporting the Municipal Nursery of Athens

The Euroclinic Group is offering free healthcare benefits to more than 1,000 employees of the Municipal Nursery of Athens.

As part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, the Euroclinic Group is standing by the Municipal Nursery of Athens, offering free-of-charge medical tests to all its employees.

Specifically, Euroclinic is offering to all City of Athens daycare center personnel the following healthcare benefits FREE-OF-CHARGE, for all specialties and fields:

  • Comprehensive blood tests
  • PAP test for women
  • PSA test for men
  • Consultations with dermatologists, ENT specialists and ophthalmologists

Initially, this is scheduled for a one-year period, with the possibility of annual renewal and extension of the medical tests offered.

All tests will be performed using the state-of-the-art medical equipment of Euroclinic by top-level doctors and nursing staff, with long experience and expertise. As part of its offer, Euroclinic guarantees and ensures medical tests with credibility and quality results since it complies with certified and automated procedures of the highest standards.

Mr. Antonis Vouklaris, CEO of the Euroclinic Group, stated, “The support to society needs to be real, therefore, we are very excited at the Euroclinic Group to be offering important services to the employees of the Municipal Nursery of Athens, responding to its needs in these tough times and, at the same time, reinforcing our corporate responsibility.”