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Euroclinic: The first hospital with the new Video Endoscopy EVIS X1 system


The first hospital with the new Video Endoscopy EVIS X1 system

The future of Gastroenterology


The Euroclinic Group is the first hospital in Greece to acquire the new Video Endoscopy EVIS X1 system by OLYMPUS Medical Systems Corp.

EVIS X1 series, the latest addition to the Euroclinic’s arsenal, is the most contemporary and innovative system in the field of Endoscopy, combining state-of-the-art techniques and capabilities to the benefit of patients and meeting three essential structural elements of Endoscopy today: detection of lesion, identification and treatment.

The new advanced system offers improved, brighter images, even in difficult areas of the mucosa, allowing users to separate, evaluate and classify mucosal disorders reliably.

The latest-technology Video Endoscopy EVIS X1 system provides users with tissue imaging techniques that produce accurate results in a short time, while simultaneously detecting lesions that are obscure under white light.

The CEO of the Euroclinic Group, Mr. Antonis Vouklaris, stated, “As part of the continuous commitment of our Hospital to innovate, we are laying the foundations to change endoscopy and we are investing in cutting-edge medical technology, improving continuously the quality of the services we provide to our patients.