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Euroclinic: Oncology conference chaired by Mr. Christos Panopoulos

For yet another year running, the Hellenic Institute of Oncology is organizing its annual oncology conference on “Modern Oncology, Guidelines, Precision Medicine or Medical Art?” which will be conducted as a Web Scientific Event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on April 2-3, with Christos Panopoulos, Director of Oncology at the Athens Euroclinic, serving as Organizing Committee Chairman.

The treatment of cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic, prostate cancer, latest surgical techniques in the treatment of early-onset disease, treatment of peritoneal metastasis from colon cancer and cardiovascular effects of oncology drugs are only some of the topics that will be discussed during the conference.

The conference aims for participants to exchange know-how and experiences so as to better understand these modern times and to enrich their knowledge in the field of oncology.

Distinguished Euroclinic doctors will participate in the conference, contributing in the better and more effective treatment of cancer with their knowledge and experience.