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Euroclinic: One year of innovation in IT systems!

Euroclinic: One year of innovation in IT systems!

Euroclinic has completed one year since the start of digitized lab test results. The lab test results are not printed anymore, reducing the Hospital’s environmental footprint, as well as the time for producing the final certified results. At the same time, as they are in a digital form, filing the results as well as searching for and copying the files is minimized.

In addition, lab results are not only digital, but also signed digitally by the relevant doctor. The digital signature certifies that the digital results are just as valid as the printed copy and the physical signature. Furthermore, it certifies that no change has been made to the content after the signature.

The patients may receive the results by email, contributing to the reduction of the environmental footprint, and save them in their inbox for future reference, such as searching for their medical history.

In addition, the attending physicians receive the lab results of inpatients automatically by email at regular intervals throughout the day, to better monitor their hospitalization.

The digitization of the lab test results was implemented internally with own funds and will soon expand to all test results, including imaging tests, so all the benefits above can be maximized.

Mr. Antonis Vouklaris, the CEO of the Euroclinic Group, stated, “The Euroclinic Group proves yet again that it is a key player in medical developments, leading the way not only in medical services and equipment, but also in technology, applying the latest IT systems to offer our patients innovative, faster and better services.”