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Euroclinic participates in groundbreaking health plans!

Euroclinic participates in groundbreaking health plans!

New innovative Health Insurance Plan for the members of the PPC Staff Cooperative

The Public Power Corporation (PPC) Staff Cooperative announced a new, innovative health insurance plan for its members, with the aim of securing healthcare services at low cost, in cooperation with the Euroclinic Group and the insurance company MINETTA, during a press conference held on 23 November 2018 at the Hellenic Pasteur Institute, attended by representatives of the organizations.

Specifically, the Group Insurance Policy is activated as of 1 December 2018, offering to PPC Staff Cooperative members access to significant healthcare services of the highest standards, at a special rate and very attractive conditions.

With a monthly premium of €20, the insured members are able to enjoy unique healthcare services, such as: meet insurance needs up to € 30,000 annually for hospitalization in major private hospitals (Euroclinic Group, General Hospital of Thessaloniki, Bioclinic Group) and/or public hospitals, medical consultations and medical tests through the Nationwide Network at special rates, medical emergencies free of charge, 0% contribution by the insured members for diagnostic tests through the National Organization for Healthcare (EOPYY), etc.

Mr. Giannis Avramidis, PPC Staff Cooperative Chairman, stated, “Cooperation is all about offering services to your members with very special conditions, which they cannot acquire themselves. With the Euroclinic Group’s know-how and the cooperation of insurance company MINETTA, we designed a very attractive health insurance plan, which offers our policyholders and their family members (spouses and children) quality integrated services through private healthcare providers, establishing a second significant insurance pillar, which attracts new members daily. We believe that this will give back to our members a part of the services they lost during the crisis.”

Mr. Antonis Vouklaris, CEO of the Euroclinic Group, stated, “The Euroclinic Group’s main priority is innovation by participating and creating tailor-made solutions and specially-designed programs for organizations, such as the PPC Staff Cooperative, which are willing to offer options for quality healthcare services to their members. Our hospitals, strategically located in the center of Athens, are able to offer integrated and affordable healthcare solutions for the whole family, through modern facilities and cutting-edge medical services.”

On behalf of insurance company MINETTA, Mr. Giorgos Minettas, Vice-Chairman and Deputy CEO, mentioned, “Citizens, such as the insured members of large corporations, are turning to alternative solutions to fully cover their healthcare needs. MINETTA embraces initiatives, such as the one of the PPC Staff Cooperative, and contributes in the only way it knows best, offering reliable and integrated insurance solutions.”