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Euroclinic: The most complete and secure personal health record in digital form!

Euroclinic: The most complete and secure personal health record in digital form!

With the aim of providing innovative services to its patients, the Euroclinic Group is successfully implementing a new IT System, the Document Management System (DMS), which offers for the first time the option of storing and searching for all medical records (medical file, test results, consent forms, etc.) in electronic format, reducing significantly bureaucracy and service time.

The DMS offers significant benefits to patients. During their first visit to Euroclinic, all patients automatically acquire their personal digital medical records, which provide their physicians with immediate and easy access to their medical history, medical opinions and test results. At the same time, thanks to the innovative digital signature system, the test results are sent to the patients via encrypted email, through an automated process, without human factor intervention, ensuring effective protection of personal data.

The DMS also offers significant benefits to the hospital. Specifically, it facilitates storing, organizing, searching for and managing all medical documents, and expedites processes such as issuing bills, while it offers remote and simultaneous access to multiple users and hospital departments. Doctors have immediate access to medical records from all service areas of the Hospital via touch screens and get real time information on test results through encrypted emails.

It is an integrated multiple-access filing system, fully adapted to the latest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Mr. Antonis Vouklaris, CEO of the Euroclinic Group, stated, “The Euroclinic Group proves yet again that it is a key player in medical development, leading the way not only in medical services and equipment, but also in technology, applying the latest IT systems to offer our patients innovative, faster and better services.”